The Concorde Agreement

The Concorde Agreement is the contract which for over two decades bound the Formula 1 teams, the FIA, and the commercial enterprises originally created by Bernie Ecclestone, and now owned by a group of investors assembled by investment capital firm CVC Capital Partners.

At the end of 2005, we grew tired of FIA president Max Mosley, Ecclestone and various team owners selectively quoting -- and at times misquoting -- the Concorde, as and when it suited their individual purposes. And so we decided to help the various parties with the 'transparency' to which they frequently paid lip service, but rarely delivered, by making the Concorde available. Out of respect for the confidentiality clauses in the Concorde, though we were not bound by them, we made the contract available only to our paid subscribers.

With the expiration of the Concorde on December 31, 2007, and the decision by Mosley not to enter into a new Concorde, it seems appropriate now to make the Concorde available to everyone, as what is now an historical document. And so, the 1997 version, with notes updating it to the final, 1998 version, and the statement of our original reasons for publishing it, can be downloaded here.

Forrest Bond

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